Feel better, look better, and feel less stressed. This happens because of:

  • improved balance
  • improved posture
  • works to help improve immune function
  • slower, deeper breath
  • helps lower blood pressure
  • promotes improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • helps to manage blood sugar
  • encourages better brain function and focus
  • improved mood
  • improved concentration
  • increased flexibility
  • increased strength
  • increased ability to manage stress
  • helps to decrease anxiety
  • aids in decreased joint and muscle pain




Hot Yoga enhances physical health by stretching the muscles and stimulating the joints. Like traditional yoga, Hot Yoga reduces emotional and mental stress.

Hot Yoga strengthens and cleanses the system adding intensity to the practice.

The heat and humidity raise the level of purification that occurs during your practice, resulting in more weight loss.

Hot Yoga postures and breathing techniques help the lungs become more efficient by increasing breathing capacity and oxygenating the blood.

Hot Yoga assists the body in eliminating toxins through the process of “sweating”.

The heat and humidity soften the muscle tissue so it can stretch and open.Our certified instructors will monitor and guide you through your practice in a safe and effective manner.


Yes. Following a “fitness” based style of yoga, we warm up, peak, and cool down. Practice sessions range from 60 – 90 minutes depending on the class. The heart rate is elevated for an appropriate amount of time to provide cardiovascular benefit. You will burn approximately 500- 800 calories per practice session. We encourage our students to monitor their breathing, taking a break when needed in specific “resting” poses and drinking water as often as necessary before, during and after their practice.

Why is it hot? How hot?

It is not just the heat that benefits the body but the humidity as well. Humidity is so crucial that we have installed a special state of the art steam generator regulated accurately to =/- 1% as used in the highest end hot yoga studios. The studio temperature ranges from 85-98 degrees depending on which class you attend. The “moisture” along with the heat supports the muscles to stretch in a fluid-like way allowing ease of movement and greater range of motion. Perspiring or “sweating” assists the body with temperature regulation and elimination of toxins. Reducing the toxic burden of the body provides health benefits.

what should i bring to practice?

A yoga mat – if you have never done yoga or do not have a mat, we do rent them for a $2.00 fee. We also have mats that you can purchase (some of our membership programs include these).

A bath size towel – maybe two – a towel should be placed on top of your mat for practice. This will assist you in NOT sliding around when you begin to sweat. Since we have showers, you may want to shower after your practice and therefore may need an additional towel. We also have towels available for $1.00 each (some of our membership programs include these).

Water! Only water is allowed, no colored or sweetened drinks are allowed in the practice area.

what should i wear to practice?

Women should wear shorts or capri pants. Long pants are not encouraged (it’s hot). Tank tops, bra tops, fitted sleeveless shirts. Loose clothing moves and sticks and becomes very uncomfortable. It causes distraction during your practice. Constantly having to adjust a loose shirt, pulling it down, etc will soon lead to frustration. We are creating a supportive and safe environment for all! If you are wearing shorts, please no loose shorts. Be mindful that you are bending over and all shorts should have built in panties, liners, or skorts. Men should wear shorts with built in liners (pants) running shorts, biking shorts and tank tops or sleeveless shirts.

But I'm not flexible... can I do hot yoga?

It’s quite normal to ask this question. We have students from 15 to 71! All students are encouraged to work at their own level. Beginners work along side experienced students (although we do offer special classes for those new to hot yoga). Our goal is to help you improve/regain your body’s natural range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Students range from couch potatoes and people with chronic illness to athletes of every shape, size and age. BEND Hot Yoga Prescott is not about how flexible you are. It is about stretching and strengthening your body, quieting your mind, and creating balance in your life both on and off the mat. You become much more flexible by practicing yoga on a regular basis.

can i lose weight?

Practicing Hot Yoga at least three times per week will encourage weight loss. For most people, doing any type of consistent exercise three times per week will have a weight loss effect. Hot Yoga assists in weight loss not only because of physical movement and cardiovascular benefit, but because the toxic burden of the body is being reduced by sweating. Many people do not perspire enough, causing their lymphatic system to not work optimally (our society doesn’t exactly encourage sweating, which is too bad because it is SO good for you). The lymphatic system is very important to your overall health and well being. The lymphatic system not only removes and transports waste, it moves and transports many important hormones and immune cells, thus enhancing the body’s ability to fight off infection and disease.

what if I'm afraid?

Everyone has fear and this is normal! We all struggle to over come our fears in life! We are here to help you. Some of our most avid practitioners started with fear. The best thing is to be open about your fears. Is it the heat you fear? Are you afraid you will look silly? Are you afraid you will get to class and you can’t do it? Do you think you are the only one thinking those things (most folks do)? Yoga is about non-violence. That translates to “gentleness”. Gentleness with the “self”, encouraging the self to try new things, encouraging the self to just do the best you can, to be mindful of exactly what you are doing at that very moment, not thinking about what is coming up next. Here you will connect with people who support you on your journey.

we look forward to practicing with you!

Hot Yoga can be a very vigorous practice. It is important to know yourself, respect your body and limitations at all times. Please check with your primary health provider first if you have any concerns or if you have any health conditions. Additionally, we ask that you be completely truthful when completing the new student registration form and fully disclose health conditions and medications so our team can help ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for you.

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